Dr. Tina Endericks

Head of Global Health, Health Security Agency, UK

Head of Global Health Security, UK Health Security Agency (previously Public Health England)
Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Global Health Security.

I have worked in Global Health Security for over 15 years. This role includes working with key partners, such as WHO, to help improve global health security and support countries to meet their responsibilities under the International Health Regulations (2005), and the provision of expert advice on global health security into global fora including the Global Health Security Agenda and Global Health Security Initiative.

One of my key technical areas has been to develop the evidence base and guidance for public health at mass gatherings, building capacity globally, sharing learning with host countries and supporting a positive health legacy. Providing technical expertise to host countries such as Brazil, Russia, Burma, Turkmenistan, Australia, Tokyo and Indonesia.

I am a microbiologist by background and have worked within both private and public sector organisations; staying within public health for the last 20 years. I have a Masters of Business Administration (with distinction) which has helped broaden my knowledge and add further value into my role within public health.

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