Prof. Bouchama , Abderrezak

Chairman Experimental Medicine Department King Abdullah International Medical Research Center Ministry of National Guard - Riyadh


I am a board-certified MD in Critical Care Medicine with a Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches (HDR) from Xavier Bichat Medical School, Paris. After practicing for eight years in Paris, I moved to Saudi Arabia in 1986 and joined King Faisal Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh. I have held various leadership roles in healthcare and research and currently serve as the Chair of the Experimental Medicine Department at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center.

My research has predominantly focused on heat illnesses, specifically heat exhaustion and heatstroke. I have published 46 papers in this field and developed a groundbreaking nonhuman primate model to study the complex pathophysiology of heatstroke. My contributions have been acknowledged through high-impact publications (Nature and New England Journal of Medicine) and I am ranked among the top 2% of most-cited researchers in 2021 by Stanford University.

I hold two U.S. patents related to body temperature regulation and have been an active contributor to WHO initiatives on heat-related health impacts. Currently, I am leading a funded megaproject investigating the genetics and epigenetics of heatstroke, aiming to improve risk prediction and patient outcomes

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